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Katharina Swoboda. Living Images

15.12.2015 - 20.12.2015

Galerie 207, Praha / Ceská Republika

My current work deals with architecture in zoological gardens. While Natural History Museums display mostly “static“ images , e.g. taxidermied animals and grouped objects in forms of “dioramas“zoological gardens produce so-called “living“ images. This factor brings the zoo in structural proximity to film and audio-visual media. My working thesis is that architectures in zoos function as “frames“ for the animals confined. Directing the camera lense on that architecture produces another frame by partializing it into an image, thereby framing the animals twice („doppelt gerahmt“).... This project is ongoing and has an open and evolving form, meaning that the videos shown in the exhibitions do not work for themselves, but rather form chapters in my engagement with animals and architecture built for them.



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