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Saskia Te Nicklin. Light Caucasian

Information: Saskia Te Nicklin. Light Caucasian. 2016

19.03.2016 - 26.03.2016

Pinacoteca, Wien / Österreich

We take a walk, it's springtime
Got my favourite track suit on
Hormones awake and jittery
Take a walk in the park
packed with people having the same idea
Met just some days ago
I like the way you smell
We hardly talk but
you brought your two pit bulls along
Marble & Iron casting
long shadows fusing with the trees’
I'm trying to chuck out something intelligent to say
Something about infinity
One of your dogs wants to take a shit
Communicates the action
I look at its lower... back muscles convulsing
undulating in quick then slow movements
Brings me to the memory of waves
on the shores of the Aegean Sea
Antique horses proudly prancing along
These divine horses
in their dainty delight

The dog jerks its tail as if tapping a Morse code
Thinking about how to spell infinity
and what did I want to say?
Shit comes out rather sliding out in parts
I envision an aura of yellow green
damping hot brown steam
Is that corn?
Dog looks at the world and at the other dogs
Ignoring us
sniffing the pheromones lingering in the air
Animal human insects alike
we proceed
An old horse trots by pulling an army green metal wagon
kind of made for each other
Old horse looses pace and seems to stumble under the heavy load
Soon after another horse passes by in a slow trot
Then another
One after the other, all having the same slow gait
What seems to be the difference?
The dog's shitting image piles up in my mind
n'Im left feeling dim
I touch my old’n'wrinkled face and feel shame
This infinity
Like finding 5 faults in a diptych
I wouldn't know what to say
But at least you are nodding off

[Quelle: Einladung]


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