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08.05.2016 - 11.06.2016

wellwellwell, Wien / Österreich

Performance by Nicholas Hoffman starts at 7pm

"It’s starting to become impossible to see the thing for what it is.
Now that I am looking at for so long.
And the way the camera keeps zooming in further and further
It’s…violating the thing, penetrating it
The camera still zooming in further and further
Until the whole screen is filled only with
The tiny…or…big…or tiny…exhaust pipe.
No, It’s not “exhausting-like”
I said exhaust Pipe; Yeah.
Zooming in and in deeper
Until what we see is a kind of cave
Or portal… a hole… a gap....
And the ever fearless lens pushes its eye
Into the hole of the pipe
Deeper than we are allowed to go
And yet; we go
We go

(Excerpt of "Mercury Slouches South" by Nicholas Hoffman)


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