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Ute Müller

Einladung: Ute Müller. 2016

20.10.2016 - 20.11.2016

one work gallery, Wien / Österreich

"Just a little away from a work composed of cryptic paintings and groups of intangible objects, as I look for a foothold and categorization, I follow a giddy reflex. Thus, I allow myself to fall into the vacant spaces of my unspoken ideas immediately, half deliberately, full of curiosity, before gaps could open up in my theories. You untitled particles, you weightless shadows, go ahead and defy the possibilities of verbal description that are agreed among us. I revolve along with you for a little while, against the light and around all the other blind spots, too.... This turn moves toward euphoria about the fact that the media-prejudiced question “What is painting?” can be relativized for the benefit of a different wording: “When is painting?”. If we can share painted and built reality – yet again only conditionally similar and not at all the same – with Ute Müller's art, then we could, as an exception, rely on the fourth dimension here and now as we look on. This is a rare offer that should be used well, so we could pass a little more time in a spirit of creativity with the exhibits and interpret Müller's form and forms instead of continuously seeking to wrest old messages or new information from her and them. Oh, to be self- determined, to be in the middle of the picture and part of it that way, for once! Such opportunities of involvement can peter out quickly. Despite the initial pleasure, we are thrown back on ourselves next to dumb waiters and in a dialogue with flat wares. I share this experience of attraction and rebound in relation to the artist's work before I describe what I have actually seen because it seems more important to me to mention such a painterly momentum. The intensity of the experience is not so much due to my proclivity for drama than Müller's talent of celebrating a kind of original painterly qualities, to wit, the power of control, in an omnipresent manner. Thus, the master's hand does not only steer the brush across the canvas with skill, it also reaches through the medium, as it were, and intervenes right into and beyond the beholder's eye. Touché. (...)"
Jakob Neulinger

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