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Nika Kupyrova. Wires will strangle the sluggish paper

Einladung: Nika Kupyrova. Wires will strangle the sluggish paper. 2016

24.11.2016 - 14.12.2016

Universitätsbibliothek der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, Wien / Österreich

m Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe "Donnerstags in der Bibliothek"

Präsentation von Kunstbüchern der Künstlerin im Dialog mit Stefanie Seibold

A lot has been said about the obliteration of printed matter - however what we presume to be a contemporary phenomenon is more of a recurring prophecy. The presentation takes its title from the chapter of Alessandro Ludovico’s book Post-digital print, where he relates how already the invention of the telegraph and the telephone in the late 19th century brought about the visions of paper-free society.... Paper survived the rise of television and the 80’s dream of a paperless office (as a matter of fact, mostly marketing strategy for information technology). Nika Kupyrova deliberates how in the current age of digital normality, the paper-based medium mutates, but prevails, in a precarious state of oscillation between digital and analogue. The curious attachment to the pronounced physicality of the book as an object; the irony of the ‘page flip effect’ on electronic devices. In other words: while the makers of the Encyclopedia Britannica announced in 2012 that they will be discontinuing their print edition, around the same time Wikipedia introduced an option of ‘printed page’ layout for its entries.

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