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Photo Kinetics. Movement, Body & Light in the Collections / Foto Kinetik. Bewegung, Körper & Licht in den Sammlungen

Einladung: Bewegung, Körper & Licht in den Sammlungen. 2017

29.04.2017 - 24.09.2017

Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Salzburg / Österreich

This is the first exhibition of works from the collection to explore the connection between movement, the body, and light. Kinetic objects, performances, and films will be shown in combination with photographs, photograms, lithographs, and drawings. The museum’s various holdings have yielded a selection of works for this show that complement each other perfectly.

The depiction of the moving body has fascinated artists long before the invention of photographic and film cameras. Although artists were able to exploit advances in technology, they also continued to investigate the beauty and complexity of movement using classic techniques.... The exhibition’s spectrum of works ranges from holographic objects, works on paper produced by light, and the human body engaged in movement such as dance. This juxtaposition of the kinetic and the static can be traced in works dating from the late nineteenth century right through to the museum’s most recent acquisitions.



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