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Performative Screenings #2. Markus Krottendorfer / Tin Man. SCIENCE FICTION SHOW

10.06.2011 - 10.06.2011

school, Wien / Österreich

The themes of Markus Krottendorfer's slide shows expose his interest in the complexity of social structures and constellations, and is what attracts him to particular settings. The photographs dont depict individual behaviour but collective actions, that, under apparently chaotic conditions, find their independent, well functioning system. Here, the slide show becomes the technically reciprocal act of photography. The performative character of his shows is even more obvious in collaborations with musicians: each new sound creating a different context for the images, enforcing them or competing with them; the performance remains experiment....
Johannes Auvinen a.k.a. Tin Man, american artist with finnish roots, creates sounds that oscillate between clear Acid House and fragile Electronica. He is, as well, visual artist, archivist and publisher of the Arthur Lipsett Soundtracks, and runs his own label. His new album, PERFUME, was released on Salon Records.

SCIENCE FICTION SHOW is the first collaboration of the artists.



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