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Alison Veit. Zaubererjackl

Einladung: Alison Veit. Zaubererjackl. 2017

16.05.2017 - 18.06.2017

Pina, Wien / Österreich

She fell to the ground in the middle of a fast food restaurant. Her parents slumped over her, cooing in distress. She was frozen in syncope. Her eyes stayed open with a look of pure terror. Minutes passed and she did not move. I believe she could hear, though perhaps sound was deadened by her mental state. I believe she could see, but how one sees in a dream.

I watched as others gathered, fixed on her petrified face. Each person looking to the next and hoping that someone could help. Nobody knew what to do.... She remained still as I walked out the door.


Pina invites you to a reading of Alison Veit's poetry publication "tick"
performed by Anna Schwarz
June 18, 6pm


trying to keep time
I pulled down my clock
to change the battery
there sat a tick
I crushed it with my thumb and
stopped time

—Alison Veit

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