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Young Painter Prize, YPP

Vilnius / Lietuva

This project is focused solely on artists under 30 years old from all disciplines who have acquired (or are in the process of acquiring) a diploma in art. The age limit has been imposed deliberately as the organisers wish to concentrate only on those very young artists who have just graduated (or are graduating) universities and have not yet had the opportunity to appear in public. This category of young artists is most vulnerable and has the largest need for support.
The project “Young Painter Prize” was initiated and carried out under the auspices of the painter Vilmantas Marcinkevicius and art critic Julija Petkeviciene.... This project is a non-institutional independent project. The exhibition is of selective nature and welcomes the participation of young artists from all over Lithuania. Applications submitted will be considered by a competent commission, which, using the principle of anonymous assessment, will select ten works by the most talented artists. The works selected will be admitted to the final exhibition, from which a Grand Prize winner and three incentive prize winners will then be announced.



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