Edition 19: TIDES OF CHANGE: New Art from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

01.10.2011 – 15.11.2011

From October 1 to mid-November 2011, the 19th exhibition of the HangART-7 art program will show the works of artists
from the three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

According to the exhibition’s co-curator Simon Rees “the exhibition Tides of Change will introduce audiences to a fascinating range of cultural references that express points of similarity and difference in the region from the perspective of contemporary art. A dominant theme in the exhibition is the development in the work of young painters of a very personal vision that is ambivalent to public symbolism typical of previous generations of art making (associated with the communist era). Exposure to these young artists’ vision will certainly strengthen certain romantic associations about the region, while providing cultural context and a critical perspective in an enjoyable way”.

Principally, this exhibition presents the work of a younger generation of artists from the three nations, most of whom have done the majority of their growing-up in independent (i.e. post-soviet) homelands and have created bodies of work depicting self-contained rather than instantly recognisable visions. Some of the pictures of the past remain but they are deployed in an individuated not idiomatic way.

Exhibited are works by: Konstantinas Bogdanas (*1961, Litauen), Andris Eglītis (*1981, Lettland), Merike Estna (*1980, Estland), Daiga Krūze (*1980, Lettland), Inga Meldere (*1979, Lettland), Alina Melnikova (*1983, Litauen), Tõnis Saadoja (*1980, Estland), Egle Ulčickaite (*1989, Litauen), Andris Vitolinš (*1975, Lettland) and Andrius Zakarauskas (*1982, Litauen).

Curators: Simon Rees, Lioba Reddeker