About us

Über uns

basis wien runs the Documentation Centre for Contemporary Art in and from Austria with reference to international contexts. It archives material on art production, presentation and reception in analogue and digital form. The gathered information is made available at a free-access online database.


The documentation consists of biographical data on persons engaged in the Austrian art world (artists, curators, critics, etc.) and information on art institutions, exhibitions, projects and publications. A major advantage of Art and ResearchDatabase is that most of its texts and images can be read or viewed online. That is, it does not merely put on the Net an index of archive materials or artist biographies in the form of exhibition lists; the interested public can directly use the bulk of the source material.

Besides the database, basis wien makes available to the interested public about 30,000 archive materials in suspension files and a reference library of about 4,500 volumes in the premises of basis wien in the 15th district of Vienna.

The goal is to document the Austrian art scene in a way that portrays the full breadth of its artistic discourse at various levels (personal, institutional, medial) and with transparency. A further concern of ours is the recording of the projects of art academies and their graduates and the activities of off spaces and artists initiatives.



Our team consists of:

Helene Baur

Verena Lindner

Andrea Neidhöfer