basis edition

The basis edition was launched in 2007 as a catalogue series that provides primarily artists to whose work no individual publication has yet been devoted with the opportunity of developing a professional catalogue.

From conception to realisation, basis wien accompanies the artist.

In cooperation with the graphic designer Toledo i Dertschei, basis wien helps develop a 16, 32 or 48 page catalogue. Basis wien acts as editor, directs production, ensures perfect picture material, finds authors and compiles biographical details with the help of the basis wien database.

The catalogue is financed by the artist, but at very favourable conditions, since basis wien negotiates directly with its production partners in layout, photography and printing on the basis of the ongoing series.

A great advantage for the artists is the greater visibility of the basis edition in comparison with a self-publication. As a central node in the field of visual art, basis wien has access to the necessary structures of distribution and carries out the required public relations. For us, the quality of the artists selected for the basis edition is the first priority.

If  interested, please contact:

Helene Baur

The previously published editions can be found here


basis edition 6: Katherina Olschbaur