About the database

The Art and Research Database records information on contemporary art in and outside Austria within an international context. Stored are current data on 109519 persons, 18940 institutions, 78984 events (projects, exhibitions and other events) and 116371 objects. The complex linking of all the data generates a dynamic picture of the diverse production contexts of Austrian artistic life since 1945.


To illustrate: Each name, each institution, each exhibition is entered only once and linked to relevant data sets. At induction, we carefully research spellings and other framework information and verify them in accordance with international standards. Then the links are produced in the database. New entries automatically modify all linked data sets. For example, the inclusion of a group exhibition with 50 participants updates 50 artists’ biographies. Through this work routine we can ensure a high efficiency of input activity, reduce the risk of errors and the related problem of difficult-to-find entries. In consultations and with the aid of material accessible online, we help artists make their information available in the required form.

Further, the basis wien database does not store mere URLs, but rather the content of web pages on our own server, thus making them usable over a long term.

www.basis-wien.at records monthly about 20,000 hits and has become a well-known research tool. The database gives young artists a cogent online portfolio.

Since the re-launch of the website in November 2011, the database has been available to users in optimum form. The improved advanced search options and additional sorting and filtering capabilities allow complex and individual queries. The new design by r-ep. org and a re-structuring of content ensures maximum clarity and variability in the presentation of data and images.